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Extruder Technologies, Inc. 

Specializing in Designing and Manu-facturing of Standard and Customized Twin Screw Extruder Components, Extruder Assemblies and Auxiliary Equipment.

  • Extruder Components ranging in size from small 9 Millimeter to large 300 Millimeters Components including Screw Elements and Barrel Sections.

  • Extruder assemblies including 3 Millimeter, 9 Millimeter and up to 133 Millimeter Twin screw extruder assemblies

  • Side Feeder and Side Vent Units ranging from 20 Millimeter to 200 Millimeters

  • Vertical Vent Units starting at 20 Millimeters up to 200 Millimeters

  • Fast Lock Assemblies for Die Plates and Auxiliary Equipment  

  • Screw Shaft removal, installation and maintenance Tables